An Evolution of a Simplicity Designer

1982 . . . . . 1992 . . . . .2002. . . . . 2012 . . . . . 2021

Wired for management

1980's. With a knack for efficiency, procedure design, and a drive for adventure, I began a variety of management roles, both filled and self-generated, from a young age (publication, urban architectural, culinary and large-scale estate). 

Chaos to order

Moving into private client work, I started S.O.S. (Serious Organizing Services) in 1996. My approach has always been holistic and design-centric as a means to uplift, liberate and empower humans. My expertise developed from diving full force into complex challenges which required innovative thinking, skills, patience and aesthetic acuity. When there's no manual, you invent one! 

Lifestyle architecture

The next, deeper phase of my work developed after a 2-year course in the emerging field of future-based Life Coaching. In 2000, after certification, a hybrid approach to improving lives and optimizing structures was born. My first unique business model was called Advanced Organizm, which combined future-based personal and logistical coaching with space / systems design.

Macro Design, micro steps

In the pursuit of wellness and performance, management challenges and solutions reached a new tier. More people, more complexity. In both individuals and small businesses, it's been a process of developing core methods that are consistently effective, even within unique personalities and changing landscapes. I invented a model to streamline this, tested it affectively with executive leaders, and I'm currently working on the book to share my methodology.

Ecology and human health

As a nature-loving woman, I'm passionate about designing, collaborating and implementing solutions. I believe great environments create clear minds and better habits. Think globally - simplify locally! With eco-literacy, teamwork and biomimicry we will architect a healthier, more prosperous future for all.