A Closer Look

The Effective Leader

Management Consulting

We start with

• Assessment and initial analysis of your initiatives, priorities, needs, values and basic existing structures in your personal or business pursuits. 

We move on to

• Project development

• Identifying the specifics

• Establishing the optimal conditions


What you gain

• Specific framework and tactics for improved efficiency and simplicity

• Tools, methods, resources and referrals for project success

• Awareness of hidden obstacles and what you can do about them

• Knowing precisely where to focus your efforts and maximize your time

• Mapping and planning to keep all projects and processes visual

A Closer Look

The Empowered Manager

Organization and Design

We start with

• Surface inspection and assessments of specific spaces, routines, operations or procedures. The focus will be on the coherence between spaces, people and daily activities, as well as eco-friendly opportunities.


We move on to

• Specific evaluation of your environmental or operational needs or pressure points

• Initiation of a blueprint for change

• Photographs or measurements (as needed)

• Simplicity options, perspectives, and recommendations

• Sleeves up, hands-on work as needed for efficient results

• Project development including conceptual and tactical planning

What you gain

• Improved performance through simpler, healthier, aesthetic work spaces

• Improved wellness through simpler, healthier and aesthetic home spaces

• Improved management through simpler systems, procedures and routines

• More time and space through easy-to-maintain operations and habits

A Closer Look

The Healthy Rhythm

Personal & Simplicity Coaching

This phase is focused on creating a simple, sustainable and comfortable process for maintaining success over the long haul.  As you make use of the toolsets and deepen personal awareness, new challenges are met with more ease.

An accountability structure for areas such as:

• Creating space, calm and stillness in each day

• Follow-through and completion on projects

• Improving communication and delegation skills

• Building your Prioritization muscles

• Sharpening your attention span and reducing distractions

• Operating powerfully while facing transitions

• Integrity with self, others and your special interests