Discovery Session (30 min free)

One-on-one Consulting

Design and Organization

Life Coaching


A combination of services uniquely designed and structured for your style, your pace and what you want to accomplish.


A deeper understanding of how your current structure can be improved and simplified. How to plan, get support, and strengthen your outcomes.


•   Strategies to achieve simplicity, some which can be immediately implemented

•   Opportunities for new, creative ways of working

•   Strategic mapping, planning and visual logistics

•   Customized tactics to improve and maximize your existing resources

•   Tactics and tools which improve performance and productivity

•   Tactics to navigate change or transition 

•   Understanding holistic life structures so you can achieve personal balance


Boost your mood, daily performance and personal health. Workspace and basic systems analysis, organizational design solutions and assistance to optimize your everyday environments.


•   Simplicity audits for your work or home environments

•   Systems evaluations to support administrative simplicity

•   On-the-spot or planned out environment simplicity and aesthetics

•   On-the-spot or planned out systems streamlining and simplifying

•   Expert organization for proper placement and efficiency

•   Uncluttered spaces which align with and reflect your brand or values
•   Structures so you can maintain ongoing environmental wellness


A powerful partnership designed to enhance your effectiveness, achieve your goals and broaden your scope of what’s possible. A steady rhythm of inquiry and practice which expands awareness while building focus, strength and resilience. 


•   Defining, developing and owning your version of freedom or simplicity

•   Better care and feeding of your life, body and soul

•   Project structuring, accountability and completion

•   One-on-one in-person or remote sessions, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly

•   Holistic tools which help to uncover and deepen your greatest strengths

•   Practices which foster creativity and free, authentic expression 

•   Emotional intelligence and energy management tools and practices and more!