• Andrea Robinson

The Simplicity of Knowing Your Self

Life is simpler when you're in touch with your real self. Not your habitual self, your calculating self, your torch-carrying self, your cross-to-bare nor manufactured self. The quieter self that exists inside of all that.

It takes a journey, sometimes a lifetime, but meeting that self is better than a ‘game changer’. It is a game ender and a new life beginning. Creating space for your real self is honoring your personal design. Your unique energy blueprint. It is understanding that what you offer from your real self is a contribution with more potency which requires less effort.

On a practical level in your everyday life, it is sometimes knowing precisely what to say yes to or no to and why. It is learning that who you are is enough. You’re not ‘too much’ nor ‘not enough’. You are you and you’re experimenting and experiencing both your inner and outer world.

With care and attention, you’re learning what’s good for you or not so good for you. You explore self-worth and feeling good. You explore self-doubt and feeling bad. You learn about your capacity in different ways. You begin to know the beauty of commitment and choice.

As you uncover the layers and just Be your real, natural self, old patterns lose their hold of you. New doors begin to open. New creativity and clarity and positive rhythm become the ground you walk upon and the ambitions you set your sails toward.

Your interests, gifts and unique lens on this world begin to make sense all because you began to listen. You began to observe when and where you were silencing or holding back your wisdom, for whatever reason. You began to care and detox, declutter and heal, nourish and free the beautiful, complex, mysterious and real you.

Wherever you are along this journey, and however many ‘moving parts’ you are currently trying to manage, it is worth taking time away so you can see what cannot be seen inside your current environment or mindset. Turn down the noise and make room for your real self, and you’ll hear what it has to say. The oppressive forces which once dictated your life need no longer be in charge. They no longer need to be fought with either. You’re simply learning how to turn your attention. To see and feed and strengthen your natural self.

Standing in your real self begins with embracing it. You can take inventory of the commitments you’ve made. You can make small changes or big changes, but you’ll be making choices, and even asking for support, from your centered self. Over time, you’ll deepen your relationship with your natural self. You’ll notice your compulsive, reactive fight, flight or freeze selves, but they will turn into co-pilots versus commanders in charge.

On a new level, you’ll get back-to-basics on knowing your real self.

- What you Value

- Your Natural Self gifts

- Your Natural Self pursuits

- Your Ideal Rhythm

and from there…..anything is possible!