• Andrea Robinson

The More Habit

As a society we’ve been conditioned to

+ buy more stuff

+ do more activities

+ solve more problems

+ spend more time

+ hire more help

so we can manage it all, get some relief, create some order then continue the cycle because we’re convinced if we just do it ‘right’ then we can have 

+ more security

+ more happiness

+ more friends

+ more achievements

+ more ambitions

The whole cycle is pretty exhausting so to stay on top of it, it’s really important to be

+ more educated

+ more savvy

+ more in control

+ more fit

+ more beautiful

+ more connected

and then once you’ve achieved all that it’s still a lot to hold up and manage so you might need

+ more therapy

+ more medicine

+ more vacations

+ more shopping

+ more properties

and sometimes when we achieve all of that it still feels like something is missing and so we consume

+ more information

+ more courses

+ more conferences

+ more stimulants

+ more sedatives

or if you are running a business, trying to keep up or get ahead ahead you'll need

+ more users

+ more customers

+ more followers

+ more friends

+ more likes

and in order for you to have that you'll need

+ more visibility

+ more marketing

+ more networking

+ more events

+ more capital 

….all so you can

+ do more

+ have more

+ be more 

and then you can feel  ________________

[whole]  [worthy]  [successful]  [valuable] ….

because deep down you feel __________________

So this is a good opportunity

to see the patterns

to see the whys

and to rethink our cultural ways

The Path of Simplicity

helps us rediscover

what is truly