• Andrea Robinson

Simplicity in the Sea of an Accelerated Culture

It’s a new world. More things are possible to create or invent than ever before…including your life and how you live it.

Life isn’t simple. However, creating simplicity in the middle of chaos can greatly affect one’s own reality as well as the planet which supports it. It brings clarity, strength and peace in a sea of an accelerated culture. Simplicity provides S P A C E, and therefore access to very profound levels of introspection, effectiveness, satisfaction and creativity. Simplicity brings power.

When someone says, “You can change your life!” they usually mean well, but they may also have no idea what that entails. It may have taken a long time to create the life you have and the thought of change can be a mixture of emotions from excitement and eagerness to fear and overwhelm.

In terms of your material stuff, it doesn’t matter if you have one room or several homes, because ultimately what matters is your personal sense of fulfillment in each day. It’s the same with time and ambitions as well. We accumulate stuff and we accumulate information and ambitions. It’s what we do. In fact, we have over-accumulated, and it often feels like the world, our home spaces, our digital spaces, our ideas and even our schedules, continue to grow like endless layers.

Some thrive on chaos, and others are obsessed with order. You may have created a perfectly organized life and a beautiful home, yet still feel a sense of overwhelm at maintaining your connection with yourself. Regardless of where you stand, are you accessing what is truly fulfilling for you and attending to your deepest longing?

A bit of history to what led to this work:

For three decades, I’ve observed human lifestyles and patterns but instead of studying them academically, I chose to be on the ground, working with people, spaces and systems in order to understand this human condition. This journey has trained me to develop expertise with compassion. I have a deep understanding that all people have different wiring, different values, outlooks and priorities, and different energy levels. This is why cookie cutter approaches don’t work.

Through the years I’ve served as an organizer, an interior designer and a life coach. I've produced breakthroughs for many people and have been praised for my work and innovative thinking, however, I never felt any of those careers were a true life path. I witnessed changes and growth in all of those industries which seemed to change the original purity of them. I have deep respect for the warriors in these fields of human service, and ended up carving out something unique for myself. Simplicity has been revealed as a common thread in my various careers providing a potent and lasting form of freedom.

In 2010, I had a personal crisis of my own, and that is when the path of simplicity really kicked in to a new level of conscious exploration. Since then, it’s been a profound unfoldment, as well as a new focus which grounds and centers my work with clients. The word ‘simplicity’ may conjure many images or ideas, and you'll have your own thoughts of what the concept means to you. Does that word attract or repel you?

Whether you’re ready for a little bit of simplicity, a big life shift, or somewhere in between, you have come to a place in your quest. Reach out and say hi to explore if my services may assist you in achieving your goals.