• Andrea Robinson

20 Steps to Disrupt Cultural Clutter

Disrupt Mental Clutter

3. Make sleep, nutrition and daily exercise more important than you have in the past.

4. Start noticing patterns. Look at some rhythms in your own life, in someone else’s, or on a grander scale. Awareness = seeing patterns.

5. Actively create space through different kinds of meditation. Develop your own particular way to slow down, turn off all devices, calm your system, and access internal quiet. Tip: nature or wilderness time is essential.

6. Have a method to download restless thoughts. A journal. An audio recorder. A whiteboard. Sometimes thoughts just need to be freed in one way or another. Set yourself up with a manageable outlet.

7. Bring the words ‘I choose’ into your daily life. Small stuff. Big stuff. Build the choosing muscle which makes you less vulnerable and more in charge.

8. Notice and appreciate the space you create. Notice what internal quiet feels like.

Disrupt Material Clutter

9. Choose to deal with it. Different people have different methods, but it all starts with a clear reason and a clear choice. More spaciousness? Visual beauty? Less to manage? Light your own fire.

10. Once motivated, avoid judgement, analysis or self-criticism about it. It (your stuff) is a unique sculpture that served its purpose. Now, it’s literally an obstacle, or worse, an enemy to your wellness.

11. Get real with yourself. Even if you’re motivated, you may lack the skills to deal with it effectively. Not everyone who drives a car knows auto mechanics. If necessary, set out to acquire or hire people to get the job done.

12. Prepare! Once it’s in your schedule, prepare whatever you need: boxes, bags, tape, labels, thick markers, a checklist, a plan for disposal or relocation of items.

13. Complete a material de-cluttering project and create a maintenance plan. Your new space or new order needs ongoing protection and care.

14. Notice and appreciate the space you create. Notice what open space in your environment feels like.

Disrupt Digital Clutter

15. With your clear mind and expanded environmental space, you’re ready to at least acknowledge your digital clutter. Some is obvious, most is hidden.

16. Take a nice, big, deep breath. Once again, choose your own motivation. Why would it be nicer to have an uncluttered digital life? How would that improve your navigation and experience?

17. Acknowledge that The Digital Force is working against you 24/7. These new toys are a creative blast. Everyone’s hooked for a reason.

18. When your mind is clear, you’ll understand that as beneficial or fun the digital world has become, the complex mess simultaneously steals energy and creates clutter. Taming it is a start.

19. Start with your digital low-hanging fruit clutter. Deal with your desktop, loose documents, apps you never use, etc. First declutter (eliminate the junk), then organize. You can now enjoy a little extra breathing room in your digital devices.

20. Establish some new rules or routines like no-screen days, setting timers, or setting some limits for the sake of your long-term mental health. Digital technology is a great tool when used responsibly, but it’s also a distraction and at worst, an enemy.

Healthy cultures are made up of committed individuals making good choices from clear minds. Be wary of seductive complexities and group-think which build your compulsive habits.

To escape the entanglement of internal or external clutter, we all must actively work with more intention, care, simplicity and patience. For a cleaner, smarter and more beautiful world tomorrow, we have to start disrupting today.