TAKE THE JOURNEY


Deeper clarity and greater perspective in life or work is achievable. Think of your life or business as a sculpture which you have built and continue to build. You have goals or desires you want to achieve in a timely manner. Distractions, busyness or inefficiencies get in the way. Simplicity Consulting is a mind clarifier and goal accelerator. 


This unique one-on-one session will unveil some hidden factors, illuminate opportunities, and tap into the core fundamentals of you or your project. We cover:

• Articulating your goals, streamlining your approach

• How to improve your daily experience (or your coworker's experience) 

• Identifying, planning for, and capitalizing from opportunities

• Spotlighting and handling obstacles

• Simplifying administrative and management tools

• Creating actionable steps for better efficiency 

• Deeper Insight on forces that are working for or against you

For long term success, it is vital to gain new and expanded vantage points. Enjoy a highly visual process developed from decades of work with a diversity of humans, environments and frameworks. It will bring in some fresh, perceptual 'mountain air.' 


Since no two people or sculptures are exactly alike, it's your opportunity to see and care for your life, work or projects in a new way, and from a place of knowledge versus habit or default. It's also a way to get yourself grounded, focused and organized. If you feel maxed out or under-supported, you'll get a deeper glimpse into why, and what can be done about it. 

The length of the session will vary based on the individual, lasting typically between 1.5 and 3.0 hours. For high-level achievers managing many complex layers, more sessions may be needed. The goal is to create the greatest value in the smallest amount of focused consulting and coaching time versus a long, drawn out process. Location: your work space or a convenient off-site, pleasant meeting space. Travel fees outside of Santa Cruz County.


In life and in work, simplify it!

Then, go. Do your passion! 

"Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things."

Peter Drucker