•  getting clear on the focus, urgency and the scale of your needs 

 •  getting clear on what's provided for you

proposal / arrangements

assessments & evaluations

 •  more thorough evaluations of your personal or business needs

 •  your current projects, demands, structures or challenges  

 •  your environmental desires, priorities and existing strategies

 •  how covert complexity may be slowing or blocking your success

 •  what immediate changes can make a big impact for you

 •  how deep you want to go - the scale of your simplicity journey

 •  how to understand and navigate complex change

 •  and more


 •  customize and generate a personalized action plan  

 •  methodizing and mapping (as needed)

 •  establish timelines, budgets, pace and parameters

 •  design development and planning (as needed)

 •  establish work required, manual labor or outsourcing needs


 •  execute on a light project (a deeper dive will have phases) 

 •  hands-on organization, editing or design applications

 •  allocate and assemble any additional resources to complete the work



 •  declare a project complete and what rewards were gained

 •  establish how to maintain and sustain simplicity after completion 

 •  share how time, space or perspective have opened up

 •  establish next steps or future projects inspired by the first one


 •  celebrate the extra space and time you have with a restorative outing in nature!