Our habits and moods are steered by the world around us. When we have clarity, ease and beauty, our stress begins to fade.

These design services provide key elements which improve quality of life and efficiency of work. Through holistic and practical design solutions, you can think, perform and feel your best.

Green Landscape

Turning your idea into a strong vision & a clear plan


Having systems and structures which improve life and work


Enjoying environments which bring health and performance


Step by step support that meets your pace

With over 25 years as a holistic designer, I understand the dynamic process of organizational change.


My approach is both systematic and customized. My specialty is meeting people where they are, taming complexity and balancing innovation (big picture concepts) with practical daily reality.

Andrea Robinson

"Andrea will point out the part of your infrastructure which used to work but doesn't anymore."

Robert M.

Founder, CTO

"Andrea has set me off on a new and improved journey, both personally and professionally, and given me the tools for unending improvement."

Beth H. MD

Wellness & Medical Consultant

"Andrea brings the bright light of hope and creativity to my business. She has unlimited creative solutions."

Hans P.

High Performance Consultant