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I am a Simplicity Coach and Designer dedicated to helping you break free from unnecessary complexity so you can feel calmer, work better and a live a healthy life.

Imagine all your spaces, projects and life made simple. That translates to less burden, easy management, more time, immediate wellness and true wealth.


For over two decades, my holistic approach makes the process streamlined, personalized and a whole lot more fun at any scale. The bottom line results are good for humans and great for ecology too.

Andrea Robinson

"Andrea will point out the part of your infrastructure which used to work but doesn't anymore."

Robert M.

Founder, CTO

"Andrea has set me off on a new and improved journey, both personally and professionally, and given me the tools for unending improvement."

Beth H. MD

Wellness & Medical Consultant

"Andrea brings the bright light of hope and creativity to my business. She has unlimited creative solutions."

Hans P.

High Performance Consultant

Creating Healthy Environments

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